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<p>I am working on a ionic 2 app and i need to add custom ringtone in my app for messages so i added Plugin: cordova-plugin-media as well as Plugin: cordova-plugin-nativeaudio but it stop any other music player so i tried this js code var mySound = new Audio(&#39;sounds/entering.mp3&#39;);; it is working with many media players but is stop google play music and anothers music app. also i have tried cordova add plugin cordova-allow-background-audio but this is also no...
2 month 14 days ago
<p>Initially my app.component.ts file is loaded then I have two variable names and email which are updated from an API get call, in order to make this api call I need username if I don&#39;t have the username I will be not able to update this name and email.<br /> <br /> I will be able to make the api call once I got the username but my username will be available after the login success only.<br /> <br /> my app.html has this and the below code is a part of ...
2 month 14 days ago
I am trying to build the android app & getting error message: could not resolve all files for configuration

Kindly suggest what is the problem & how to resolve it.

1 days ago