How to modify dolibarr invoice

Recently had to make amendments in dolibarr CRM Invoice design & text.


At first galance it seems that it is going to be too hard for me to manage this.


After some research on internet I came to know that there are 2 ways to change Invoice.


First option - Changing Odt file.
Second option - Changing the php code directly.


Being a PHP Professional I have chosen php way.  


I have learnt a lot of things that can be modified easyly so I thought to inform others who are willing to change the dolibarr invoice too. You may follow below steps to edit invoice.


All you need to make changes in 1 php file by going to:





How to change date format in dolibarr invoice


First change that I made is changed the Date format of Invoice from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY


To do so I have defined my own function


function _changeDateFormat($str)
    $str=explode("/", $str);
    return $str2;


Then I have replaced below line & added my defined function with date output:


$pdf->MultiCell(100, 3, $outputlangs->transnoentities("DateInvoice")." : " . $this->_changeDateFormat(dol_print_date($object->date,"day",false,$outputlangs)), '', 'R');




How to change a particular text in dolibarr invoice?


Anything written between transnoentities "$outputlangs->transnoentities" is the output that is going to print.  
You can identify the correct text & replace that.




How to insert new text in dolibarr invoice?


You can use below method to insert any text.


$pdf->MultiCell($widthrecbox, 5, "Your Text Here",0,'L');




How to set font size in dolibarr invoice?


To change the font size of text in dolibarr invoice you can use setFont methode


$pdf->SetFont('','', $default_font_size - 1);


You can plus & minus the number above as per your desired size.




How to draw rectangle in dolibarr Invoice?


You can also draw rectange in dolibarr invoice using below.


$pdf->Rect($posx, $posy, $widthrecbox, $hautcadre);


First parameter is x cordinates
Second parameter is y cordinates
Third parameter is rectange width
Fourth parameter is rectange height



How to set postion in dolibarr invoice?






How to fill color in particular area of dolibarr invoice?




Value is in RGB format.




How you can set text color in dolibarr invoice?




Value is in RGB format.





Thank your for this code to customize invoice. How I can change the size of colums in the invoice Thank you in advance
You can create the Rectangular & set its height & width. Example given above.
Thank you Ram,what I need is to change width of colonne priceU.HT and colonne of description.Thank you in advance
how to display tax 2 colum?
How do i change the font size of free text in invoice pdf
Hi, you know how to move the VAT number in the box instead of in the footer
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