Reasons and benefits to use CodeIgniter Framework

Codeigniter is great framework to develop website.  CodeIgniter is developed using php framework. There are various benefits using CodeIgniter but I have Outlined 5 main benefits using CodeIgniter framework.


  1. CodeIgniter follows MVC architecture, In future if need to change the business logic of application you don't need to interfere with view part of application.  Similarly if you want to change view you don't need to change the application logic.  It keeps business logic separate from presentation(view).
  2.  Easier to understand & work with & requires no installation.  Coding done using these frameworks are structured & any developer can easily locate the code if they need to work on any particular section.  As it has defined structure everyone know where they will find the code for any particular section.  So doesn't require to search throughout the application.
  3. Many pre processed packages that can be utilized during application development.
  4. Frameworks has inbuilt security.  Most of the time if we are coding in core php we have to write code for everything & take lot of security precaution in coding that is handled automatically in it. Its more secure.
  5. Great performance due to inbuilt cache management.
  6. Seo friendly urls & seo friendly titles are important part of great seo techniques.  Codeigniter provides easy way to handle this.  You can easy create seo friendly urls.
  7. Easy to write complex mysql queries using Active Record.


Ucodice Technologies have been using codeIgniter framework for 3 years & developed more than 80 applications using codeigniter framework.  Ucodice has team of 10 codeigniter specilist developer.

Ucodice Technologies
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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