Seo Friendly Url

Seo Friendly Url is an important factor for any website to be on top in search engine results.  These days most websites are dynamic & their urls are non seo friendly.  Search engines don't like non-seo friendly urls, due to that website lacks to come in top in search engine result irrespective of their great webpage content.  Example of such urls are as follows :




Seo Friendly Url Example :




Non Seo Friendly Url Example :

To fix such urls one can use Apache's Mod rewrite module to rewrite urls in seo friendly manner.  We can write rules in .htaccess file to re-write our urls.



Some other points to notice while creating seo friendly urls:



1. Use hyphen (-) instead of underscore or any other character for separation.


2. Do no use special characters.


3. Make urls easily readable like example given above.



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