About Project

Harvest is a marketplace with mult-vendor portal. Sellers can design their own template and create store on website.
There are so many features available in the website like filtering list, manage product, manage the transaction, manage a campaign, manage recipe, manage to bid, manage review/ rating, payment system, messaging board, cart system, manage subscription, buyer dashboard, seller dashboard, social sharing etc.
 Sellers can keep track of their sales.The seller can sell their product by using two methods i.e Directly and Bid.Buyers can purchase the products directly or can bid on products.If a buyer wins the bid, an automatically generated notification email will be sent to the winner after a bidding is complete to purchase the product.
Sellers and buyers can have their own profile and collection page with the variety of products.A registered user either seller or buyer can send message or e-mail to other registered users.
Sellers can add campaign and collect funds needed.
Admin can track everything happening on the website like manage product categories, manage users, manage product, manage order, manage the forum, manage tax, manage promotion code, manage events, manage social media sharing, manage recipe categories, manage recipe, manage the campaign, manage newsletters etc.

  • CodeIgniter
  • Mysql
  • Html 5
  • Bootstrap
Registration Panel
Product List
Seller Profile
Manage Seller Product
Manage Order
View Instruction
Customize Site
Campaign List
Ads Subscription
Premium Membership
Track Revenue
Manage Events
Manage Tax
Change Password
Bid Product
Save Searches
Post Requirement
Manage Users
Manage Products
Manage Transactions
Manage Pages
Manage Recipe
Manage Forum
Manage Category
Manage Order
Manage Recipes Category
Manage Recipes
Manage Accounting
Manage Campaign
Manage Campaign Commission
Manage Tax
Manage Event
Manage Promotion Code
Manage Finance
Manage Membership Period



Harvest is a farmer's product company where a person can sell there product as a seller and can purchase a product as a buyer by using this wesite. User can also view all his transaction details and order details of the product.


New user can direct registered by the website with filling the details form and submit the buttons as Buyer or Seller any type of the user can choose


A registered user can login using their credentials.

Registration panel

A user can signup as a seller or buyer.

Product List

A registered user can view the products and can filter according to their requirment.

Seller profile

A seller can view and customize their profile by updating profile,selecting theme,store information and by adding social media links

Manage seller product

A seller can manage their own product under this section



A seller can manage their gallery under this section.

Manage order

A seller can manage product from this section

View instruction

A user can view the instructions in form of steps to customize the site.

Customize site

A user can customize their site.

Campaign List

A seller can manage the campaign.

Ads subscription

A seller can manage the Ads subscription from this section

Premium Membership

A user needs to purchase the premium membership to enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted services of the website.

Track Revenue

A seller can track the revenue from this section.

Manage events

A seller can manage the events from this section.

Manage Tax

A seller can manage the tax from this section.


A user can send and receive email  from any registered user.


A user can do chat with other registered user.

Change Password

A registred user can change their password under this section.


A user can search products,sellers,business from this tab.

Bid product

A buyer can manage bid products from this section.

Save searches

A user can view the saved search from here.

Post requirement