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Multisure is a cross-platform mobile app to provides legal advice and assistance who need it, in exchange of small monthly premium.In short, multisure handles your legal matter while you continue doing what really matters.This app is only for the users who reside in South Africa.
Two options available to be the part of multisure:
The first one being as an AGENT: this option allows the user to work with one of the independent consultants of the company, a user will get training on the multisure products and obtain application form and brochure from an independent consultant in order to introduce others.
The second one is being a BUSINESS OWNER.
By using the mobile app a user can maintain their profile, purchase the product, manage transactions history.There are two options, downline and view province downline through which user can see the list of the users working under him or shows the list in the hierarchical format.
In the section of the podcast, it is like an audio listed panel in which user can listen to the selected audio uploaded by other users.

  • PHP
  • Nodejs
  • MySql
  • Html5
  • Angular 4
  • Ionic 3
  • CSS
Login Page
User Profile
Transaction History
View Downline And View Province Downline
Commission Report
Latest Recruits


Login Page

Registered User can login through app by using “Membership Number /Username” and “Password”.


All the menus are listed here.

User profile

User can view and edit their profile from this section.

Transaction history

A user can view the list of all the trasactions done by himself and can view the transaction type with that.

View downline and View Province Downline

 This Section display's membership information with generated unique membership number.  The boxes are different in color that defines  Level of the membership. There are 4 color and 4 level i.e Blue, Green, Red and Orange that represent Level1, Level2, Level3 and Level4 respectively.

Commission report

This section generates Commission schedule and to save the reports on your device you can download the reports in pdf format.

Latest recruits

The user can only view the information about recruits and referred his/her member id to another member of the organization for joining a group, just like a corporation.