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Gayze application is to welcoming places for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. This application provides gay travelers with local expertise and a chance to meet new friends or even Mr. Right. Everything will be based on interests. Two types of users are there for this development; users & admin. Admin will manage all section like they can verify or not verified the user(block and unblock user), view the user detail, body type, cities, places etc.



  • PHP
  • Nodejs
  • MySql
  • Html5
  • Angular 2
  • Ionic 2
  • CSS
Search By City
Event List
Event Detail
Gps Track
Unit System
Manage About Us
Manage Benefits
Manage Blog
Manage Body Type
Manage Cities
Manage Ethnicity
Manage Home
Manage Interests
Manage Interested In
Manage Places
Manage Relationship Status
Manage Review
Manage Social Link
Manage Tribes
Manage Users



A user can view the events in map page according to categories wise i.e All, Nightlife, Culture & to do.

Search by city

A user can search events by cities & can view the details of the city after clicking on the right side icon in the header in place's Map page & listing page.

Event list

A user can also view the events listing according to categories wise for All, Nightlife, Culture & to do.

Event detail

A user can view the event details & user can like the event by clicking on the event. A user can view the address & map of this event and profile of gayzed by users.


A user can view the people according to distance.


A user can view online users only in this section.


Users will be listed according to interest in match section.


User can chat with online user & send the message to offline users. User can view the all users in chat & view the online users.

Gps track

A user can on/off the gps setting. If gps is on then distance will be track & if gps off then distance will not track in user's profile section.

Unit System

Metric & Imperial are units for user's weight.If they want to see their weight in lb or kg, then the user can set it accordingly.