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A comprehensive multi-vendor

marketplace & website builder

Facilitating farmer-buyer connections

Project Synopsis

Harvest is a comprehensive multi-vendor marketplace portal to facilitate direct connections between farmers and buyers, including restaurants and direct consumers. This case study delves into the development and implementation of Harvest, highlighting its key features aimed at empowering farmers to secure fair rates while providing buyers with access to fresh, high-quality produce directly from farms.

Problem Statement:

In the conventional supply chain, farmers often face challenges in obtaining fair prices for their produce, while buyers struggle to source fresh ingredients directly from farms. This lack of direct connectivity leads to inefficiencies, increased costs, and compromised product quality. Harvest addresses these issues by creating a platform that connects farmers and buyers, enabling direct trade and ensuring the availability of fresh, locally sourced produce. .

Key Features

Website Builder: Harvest offers sellers a user-friendly website builder tool that allows them to design and customize their own store templates by using drag drop feature that made it so simple to create the template. Sellers have the flexibility to create unique and visually appealing storefronts, showcasing their brand identity and products effectively. .

Auctions and Bids: Similar to platforms like eBay, Harvest incorporates auction and bid functionality, adding an element of excitement for buyers. Buyers can participate in bidding on desired products, fostering a competitive environment and potentially securing items at favorable prices. :

Seller Management: Sellers on Harvest have access to a comprehensive suite of management features. They can efficiently manage taxes, invoices, profiles, and product listings. This functionality simplifies the day-to-day operations for sellers, enabling them to focus on growing their businesses..

*Buyer Profile Management

*Product Listing and Search

*Order Management

* Recipe Listing


Harvest's multi-vendor marketplace portal has successfully addressed the challenges faced by sellers and buyers in traditional e-commerce platforms. By offering features such as a website builder, comprehensive seller and buyer management tools, product listings with advanced search options, auction and bid functionality, recipe listings, and efficient order management, Harvest has created a thriving ecosystem for online commerce. With its continued development and focus on user experience, Harvest is well-positioned to remain a leading player in the evolving landscape of multi-vendor marketplaces.


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