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Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


We enable teams to do amazing things

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Our Values


Integrity is strong pillar of our ideology. We try our best to deliver maximum results for what we are getting paid.


Ucodice believes on humanity and consider it above everything.


Ucodice always ready for new challenges and adapt new technologies quickly with constant Learning.


We take ownership of all work done by us to make sure we deliver maximum results

Genuine commitments

Ucodice never over commit with anyone, We only commit that we can deliver.


We brainstorm on every project for optimize and smart results.

Picnic for the employess
most awaited day of the year
Professional development
professional growth
Movie plans
movie plan with all staff
99% International Projects
99% International Projects
Surprise appraisals
every human loves surprises
Salary on-time
Salary never got delayed
We are a rapidly growing team of Full and Part timers who contribute in their own special ways to build the Platform, United services and the Community

Who you'll work with

Looking for way to accelerate yourself?

Ucodice is well known for its fun loving working atmosphere. We provide platform & opportunities to all our employees to grow in their career successfully. At ucodice we provide internal training to groom & develop you as a professional. We treat human as a human so they can easily balance their personal & professional life. There is no late seating for employees at Ucodice, On-time salary, frequent appraisals & frequent movie/outing plans & fun loving environment.